Money Express

About Us

Based in Singapore, the company has seen a steady expansion in clientele base since its inception in 2009.

Congruent with the increased awareness of credit facilities and options available within the market, Money Express Pte Ltd offers loans with flexible repayment schedules to fulfill the financial goals of various segments of the population.

The loan packages that we offer, whether in the short or long term, are based on mutual understanding, a thorough assessment of the borrower's ability to repay, and the prevailing interest rate levels in the market as regulated by relevant authorities.

Take time to browse through our website and contact our experienced and friendly loan consultants may the need for further information arise. We are glad to assist you.

Company Mission

Strong Organisation based on Love, Trust & Respect
Long-term relationship therefore your need is our concern

Customer Focus

Our success is based upon our customer focus. We listen to, and connect with, customers and treat them with dignity and respect. By understanding and anticipating their needs, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us. We aim to offer them value and quality services to enrich lives and enhance business success.

Our shared values

The core values of our company revolve around fundamental attributes that define the relationship between us and the customer. Toward these goals, Money Express endeavours to treat every loan contract with the strictest confidentiality, ensure that the borrower is fully aware of the financial corollary (including individual ability to repay) following his or her loan commitment, and to expedite financial assistance to individuals as well as businesses in their hour of need.