Money Express

Notes to Borrower

The decision to take up a loan should be a measured one. We urge would-be borrowers to consider carefully before committing to a loan contract.

Be a responsible borrower

  • Borrow only within your means or ability to repay
  • Any queries should be directed at the moneylender on the outset. We are more than willing to offer clarifications
  • Make regular, scheduled payments
  • If you encounter difficulties with making a payment, let us know earlier
  • Keep all your loan documents, such as the loan contract, receipts etc in a file
  • Plan ahead and allow for contingencies

Your rights as a borrower

  • Before you begin repayment, your licensed money lender is required to give you a repayment schedule and detailed information about interest rates, fees, the balance you owe and available repayment options
  • You have the right to defer repayment for certain defined periods, if you qualify for a loan
  • You may prepay your loans in whole or in part at any time without penalty as indicated in your agreement

Your responsibilities as a borrower

  • Your primary responsibility is to repay your loans according to the terms and conditions of your loan agreement
  • Our customer service officer will explain in detail the implications within the loan agreement before disbursement.
  • You must make payments on time, or make other arrangements with us before the due date
  • You must notify your money lender if you change your name, address, phone number
  • You must notify your money lender if you are unable to make payments for your loan in Singapore