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Singapore’s Trusted Personal Loans for Foreigners

It can be a struggle to get a loan in a foreign country as most service providers tend to prefer giving loans to Singapore nationals. At Money Express, we believe that where you come from shouldn’t have any limitations on your eligibility for a loan and it’s for this reason that we have developed our Foreigner Loans. With Money Express, you are able to borrow anywhere from 2 to 4 times your salary. We offer both flexible repayment options as well as fixed monthly instalments to make sure you’re able to manage your finances no matter what the circumstances. This process is fast and easy with an online application process and approval in as little as 5 minutes.

Get the finances you need to achieve your goals with a Personal Loan for Foreigners from Money Express in Singapore.

Borrow up to 2 to 4 times your salary. With flexible repayment options
and monthly instalments, it is now possible to achieve your financial goals.

  • Get extra cash up to 4X your monthly salary
  • Loan approval in 5 minutes

To begin, please select the profile that best suits you

You would be considered a salaried employee if you are:

1. Individual who has gainful employment in a company and possess

  • A clean work record
  • A predictable pay schedule
  • An appointment letter and/or in a position in any company with proper job description.

2. Under FULL TIME employment and not under temporary or part time contract.

Foreigners are required to produce identification from their country of origin during a loan application interview together with one of the following documents

  • 1 month computerized or manually typed payslip (with authorized company stamp or signature)
  • CPF statement of at least 3 months (from current employer)
  • Latest income tax assessment

3. Additional documentation or proof of income may be requested by Money Express before loan approval is granted.

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