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Like the burgeoning costs of medical care, transition into married life, and car ownership, many baulk at the prospect of having to raise a significant sum of money towards building their dream home. Therefore, a Renovation Loan enables you to manage your cash flow with either flexible or fixed repayments.

Singapore is currently experiencing an upsurge in renovations and as a result, numerous high end design firms are offering remodelling services at incredibly competitive prices. Truly, there has never been a better time to take the plunge and create your dream home.

With a renovation loan, you’ll be able to remodel your home by borrowing between two to four times your salary. Applying for this loan is simple and easy, with approval available in as little as five minutes. Making repayments is simple too, as we offer both fixed monthly instalments as well as flexible repayment options. It’s easier than ever to furnish the perfect home the way you like it.

Anyone who earns an income is able to apply for this loan

To begin, please select the profile that best describes you.

You would be considered a salaried employee if you are:

1. Individual who has gainful employment in a company and possess

  • A clean work record
  • A predictable pay schedule
  • An appointment letter and/or in a position in any company with proper job description.

2. Under FULL TIME employment and not under temporary or part time contract.

Foreigners will need to present one of the following documents as well as identification from their home country during the application interview.

  • 1 months’ worth of computerized or manually typed payslips (with authorized company stamp or signature)
  • CPF statement of at least 3 months (from current employer)
  • Latest income tax assessment

3. Money Express Pte Ltd maintains the right to request additional documentation or proof of income when considering loan applications.

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