Money Express

Wedding Loan

Money Express is geared up totally, to help young couples overcome the financial hurdles they are presented with during these critical years and also to promote a positive attitude towards Marriage among all singles. Flexible lending guidelines and a maximum repayment period of 36 months.

Required documents:

  • ROM Certificate or Appointment Slips
  • Wedding Invitation Card
  • Surety(s)
    • NRIC
    • Latest Payslip
    • Employment/Appointment Letter
    • CPF Contribution Statement
    • Latest bank statement
    • Proof of billing (e.g. handphone bills, PUB bills)

You would be considered a salaried employee if you are:

1. Individual who has gainful employment in a company and possess

  • A clean work record
  • A predictable pay schedule
  • An appointment letter and/or in a position in any company with proper job description.

2. Under FULL TIME employment and not under temporary or part time contract.

Foreigners are required to produce identification from their country of origin during a loan application interview together with one of the following documents

  • 1 month computerized or manually typed payslip (with authorized company stamp or signature)
  • CPF statement of at least 3 months (from current employer)
  • Latest income tax assessment

3. MoneyExpress Pte Ltd reserves the right to request for other documentary materials and proofs of income on a case-by-case basis.

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